Peanut Donuts Font

Peanut Donuts Font is a font that perfectly encapsulates nostalgia, you can travel back in time to a time of delectable delicacies and mouthwatering delights. This retro bubble font, which was meticulously crafted, is the ideal option for your vintage products.

The Peanut Donut blends your packaging, labeling, and advertising with delectably nostalgic appeal to bring the happiness and enjoyment of the past to the present. It instantly conjures up images of vintage cafes, soda fountains, and recognizable food trucks with its rounded corners and bubbly shapes.

This typeface is perfect for an vintage stuff, retro poster layout, children book, comic, packaging, food & beverages and also good for quotes, or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

: Sep 14, 2023