Oliviar Expanded Font

Oliviar Expanded FontOliviar Expanded FontOliviar Expanded FontOliviar Sans Variable is a modern sans serif with Grotesque touch. It’s my experimental to study the new trends for the future fonts that is Variable Fonts.

Inspired by a Geometrical fonts and also Humanist Sans serif. Created with 8 Masters that export to the traditional OTF to 28 Styles!.

On the Applications that support variable fonts such as Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, you can get more than only 28, you can customize the Weight, Width and Slant.

Weight created from Thin (100) to Bold (900), Width created from Standard (100) to Expanded (900) and Slant based on degree angle from 1˚ to 10˚.

There is a new slider icons for accessing this features Check on Last Display Image. Another advantage on the Variable fonts are you just need 1 files to install to your computer and it will install all the styles available.

All of the Fonts are support for Multilanguage, Carefully Crafted.

: Aug 23, 2020


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