Ogelic Font

Ogelic FontOgelic FontOgelic FontOgelic Typeface Serif is modern and elegant. It pairs well with san serif as pictured or stands firm as a title and brand representative for an elegant look. This Ogelic Typeface is equipped with a modern professional character that can present an elegant and attractive identity for your company for business purposes such as business cards, name tags, and uniforms as a brand enhancement. This modern Ogelic typeface is suitable to be embossed as a letter nameplate or even pasted in your office with a cutting sticker that looks elegant. This elegant Ogelic-type shape is also stunning for book covers or magazine writing. You can see all the available characters in the screenshot above, and you can try the modern & elegant Ogelic now for any design issues. Ogelic also comes with multiple languages, making it easy for any country and language use. It also comes with alternative Ligatures and stylistics to make your designs more attractive.

: Nov 24, 2022