Oddval Font Family

Oddval Font FamilyOddval Font FamilyOddval Font FamilyOddval is a unique contemporary display geometric sans-serif with prominent ink traps and a smooth, masculine tone.

Due to its modern and original style, it is well-suited for creative projects closely linked to innovation.

Oddval has a strong presence in the text due to its high x-height, minimal stroke contrast, and slightly wide oval shapes.

The Oddval type family includes 9 weights ranging from hairline to heavy, with corresponding Italics for a total of 18 fonts. These fonts are also available as a single variable font file, allowing you to create without limits.

The typeface is designed with extensive language support, including Extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek, covering over 220 languages. It also includes advanced typographic features, such as standard and discretionary ligatures, a stylistic set, contextual alternates, tabular and small figures, fractions, and language localizations.

Suitable for both print and on-screen media, Oddval is ideal for use in headlines and logotypes. It can also be set in short paragraphs to create a unique contemporary feel.

: Mar 14, 2023