Nazare Exuberant Font Family

Nazare Exuberant Font FamilyNazare Exuberant Font FamilyNazare Exuberant Font Family

Nazare Exuberant is the Poster version of Nazare. This version makes the vintage design more elegant and luxurious.

It has super high contrast and the semi-serifs were turned into opulent serifs. Some shapes were redesigned by adding a slight calligraphic feel, making it even more vibrant. This way this design got more organic, more human, more serious, more trustworthy and more luxurious.

This is the design for your posters, headlines and actually anything where the letters have a big point size. If you need a more text suitable version you can always use the original Nazare.

Another feature is the insertion of some Opentype features: Ligatures were added as well as old style numbers.

With its six weights you will have plenty of room for many variations. From the Regular that focus more on elegance to the Heavy that focus more on the lavishness. Regardless of which style you choose Nazare Exuberant is so unique that your designs will not remain unnoticed.

: May 27, 2019


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