Monday Coldness Font

Monday Coldness FontMonday Coldness FontMonday Coldness Font

Introducing Monday Coldness Typeface

Monday Coldness typeface was created from the concept of the end of the year which has many events such as Christmas, New Year and winter. Monday Coldness typeface consists of 3 cool characters when combined for the year-end design concept, there is a unique and elegant Monday Coldness font, Monday Coldness cool which contains an illustration of snow on the characters and Monday Coldness snow is a unique and cool snow mandala dingbat font. as ornaments.

Can be used for the design of poster, Big sale sign, greeting card , packaging designs, New Year design and so on with the winter season concept.

Apart from that this font is very easy to use in both design and non-design programs because all alternates and glyphs are supported by Unicode (PUA).

: Oct 15, 2021