Messner Font
OTF, WOFF | 1 Font

Hairline fonts are very clean, shining, elegant and even luxurious. They look great in fashion magazines, in the expansive world of beauty and glory.

Messner is an extra-light all-caps face, especially suitable for larger sizes. Simplicity, purity and readability of its classic forms were on the first place in the creation process.

Messner was a resource for designing the Kammerlander family and their combination looks very natural.






  1. Hi for some reasons the fonts I download from here are not supported on my comp. It says “Unsupported TrueType / Open Type file format” I use desktop, Windows. Really wanna use the Messner, Kammerlander and Swissa Piccola Font in my designs. Any solution?

    Thanks in advance.


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