Marlin Geo Slant Font

Marlin Geo Slant FontMarlin Geo Slant FontMarlin Geo Slant Font


Hello everyone, you may have noticed a new FontMesa font released on June 17th called Geovetica, Monotype has asked me to rename the font because it’s too close to their best selling product. Marlin is the new name choice for our new font with the geometric version being released first.

Marlin Geo Slant is an italic set at a 6° slant which is half of the regular 12° italics

Marlin Geo Slant is currently on sale at 50% off for a limited time, regular price for this bundle is $79

Marlin is a trademark of FontMesa LLC initial release 6-26-2019

Marlin Geo contains alternate glyphs, you will need an Opentype aware application such as Adobe Illustrator to access alternates, Windows character map can not be used to access alternate glyphs.

: Jul 29, 2019


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