Mallong Font

Mallong FontMallong FontMallong FontThe “Mallong” font is a serif typeface that embodies elegance and naturalness. Its design features classic serif details, combined with graceful curves and a unique leaf-outline swash, that adds a touch of beauty to each character. This font is perfect for creating sophisticated designs with a touch of organic charm.

The “Mallong” font is well-suited for a variety of design projects, including invitations, posters, logos, branding materials, and more. Its elegant serif details and organic-inspired swashes make it an excellent choice for businesses, events, and products that want to convey sophistication and a connection to nature. The multilingual support and PUA unicode features also make “Mallong” an ideal choice for global projects that need to support multiple languages. With its versatility, beauty, and practical features, “Mallong” is a must-have font for any designer’s toolkit.

The “Mallong” font has a total of 853 glyphs including symbol, multilingual.

: Feb 9, 2023