LED pixel Font Family

LED pixel Font Family, is designed from 2020 for the font foundry Typo Graphic Design by Manuel Viergutz.The font system (sans-serif, slab serif, small caps & unicase) of the display typeface is inspired in the past and present.

60 + 1 (icons) font-styles (Circle, Circle Outline, Cross, Hex, Hex Outline, Line, Square, Square Cross, Square Half 1, Square Half 2, Square Outline, Square Circle, Square Star, Star, Triangle × 4) with 903 glyphs (Adobe Latin 3) incl. 300+ decorative extras like icons, arrows, dingbats, emojis, symbols, geometric shapes, catchwords, decorative ligatures (type the word #LOVE for ❤️ or #SMILE for

LED pixel Font FamilyLED pixel Font FamilyLED pixel Font Family

: May 9, 2023