La Taverna Font

La Taverna FontLa Taverna FontLa Taverna FontLa Taverna an elegant sans serif font created by Almaz Studio™ with a modern touch, minimalist geometric style. La Taverna is a futuristic sans serif font that takes on the theme of advanced technology. This font is good to use as a headline or title of a magazine, print, poster, web font, etc. the body of this font is square with a little curved on each side. inspired by spaceship construction on pop culture depictions. La Taverna is an ultramodern, ultra compact sans serif typeface. It was designed for maximum compression, allowing you to fit more words in a line than techno typefaces normally allow. La Taverna is at the normal typeface compression limit. Crammed is unusually compact. Crushed is ludicrously concentrated. La Taverna almost all current Latin-based languages are supported.

: Nov 23, 2022