KT Nirma Font Family

KT Nirma Font FamilyKT Nirma Font Family

Nirma is a typeface with 9 Weight Sans Serif from thin to Black, inspired by Founders Grotesk, This project start from April 2022 and start from the stretch until shaped the solid character to represent the Dynamic Sans Serif.

Nirma has total 462 glyph and 218 Support language. Nirma support Latin Basic,

Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended A-B, Spacing Modifier Letters, and Combining Diacritical Marks.

The Solid Character has multi function Display Sans & Body text based on Display Grotesk. Especially in te Thin to Regular is more legible for body text and the black one good for Display Sans, with dinamyc shape and more wide.

: Nov 30, 2022