Jabana Alt Font

Jabana Alt Font Family – 20 Fonts $146

Jabana Alt is the much more standard looking brother of Jabana. Each letter is altered and changed. But you can also use it for coffee and more. Because it is inspired by having a “Schorle” at Hamburgs coffee bars. Super compressed and extended letter shapes in 5 widths, smooth handwritten marker curves and especially a wide range of opentype features define the large character set of Jabana Alt.Each letter and punctuation got three simple varieties of alternates. This gives a nice looking handwritten nature to the font. They will be randomly chosen by the contextual alternates feature or even by hand via stylistic set (ss01, ss02).The whole characters for serious western european typography comes along Jabana Alt. Beside the standard accented letters, fractions, mathematical glyphs, superiors and inferiors you will find alternates, extra bullets, different arrows, negative figures and roman numerals.Another reason for the amount of 1530 glyphs are the numerator and denominator letters which came from A-Z, punctuation and the extra bullets (ss09-16). They are meant to be used for decoration or distinction. Especially an opentype stylistic set gives an extra touch to it while putting a dot/line above denominators or underneath numerators (ss03+numr/dnom).If Jabana Alt is too boring for your purpose have a look at “Jabana” (Link). This alternate got some more unique uppercase shapes and a tiny x-height with large descenders for the lowercase.