Inglesa Font

Inglesa FontInglesa FontInglesa Font​​​​​​​In the past, in Argentina, it was common to attend to calligraphy classes during the first years of high school. That experience left a mark on me that over the years mixed up with my practice as a type designer.

“Caligrafía Inglesa” is, basically, the spanish translation for the copperplate calligraphic style. This was the initial idea that led the spirit of the project, but from the beginning it started to develop a typographic personality of its own.

The new Inglesa font comes in 6 weights –from a skinny monolinear to an elegant black– with a companion set of roman caps. The harmony in both styles transmits as a result, a strong english spirit but with a fresh latin spice, assuring the perfect combination for any elegant design. Inglesa Script includes a vast amount of alternates, endings and swashes, allowing the designers to create infinite combinations making any design unique. The Inglesa family supports a wide range of Latin alphabet-based languages.

: Sep 24, 2020


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