Glot Script Font

Glot Script FontGlot Script FontGlot Script Font

Glot is a ten-member flared terminal sans serif family of typefaces based on a mix of proportions of Roman square capitals and hyper-readable sans serifs.

Glot comes in five weights with matching true italics: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black. The Glot family has a wide range and is incredibly functional, working well for longer texts as well as display typography.

After designing the house typefaces for a handful of the most predominant multiplayer online games out there, we decided that it was time to bring the battlefield to the people.

Glot comes armed with ample language support (Central, Eastern and Western European) and OpenType ornamental spiked alternate characters for when one needs a hint of danger.

: Jan 1, 2019


  1. Please stop using the script and brush fonts. Please bring some good quality fonts.
    Thanks a lot and a happy new year!


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