Galena Font

Galena FontGalena FontGalena Font

Galena Pro is an extended version of Galena, a typeface published for Bayer Corporation in 1996. Galena Pro is based on the open and organic forms imagined by the writers of humanist Italy, who designed the first so-called Roman characters. Humanist style fonts have moderate stroke contrast, uneven widths, and a classic, but soft and easy-to-read appearance. Galena Pro gives a new birth to the 15th century incunabula, a typographic drawing where the gestures of this standardized handwriting are not mechanical, but more fluid.

The Galena Pro series can provide professional typography with OpenType features such as alternative sets of numbers, fractions and an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European Languages.

The different styles of the Galena Pro are enriched with a condensed variant to meet the need for space savings in titles and texts.

: Nov 18, 2020


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