Galderglynn 1884 Font Family

Galderglynn 1884 Font FamilyGalderglynn 1884 Font FamilyGalderglynn 1884 Font Family

About this font family

Galderglynn 1884 is a nineteenth-century style sans-serif typeface. This is a refined expansion of another typeface called Galderglynn Esquire. Galderglynn Esquire was an intentionally rustic looking typeface based on a mixture or several pre-twentieth century grotesques employing deliberately unrefined weight and spacing. Galderglynn 1884 has at its base that same pastoral design but polished into a practical workhorse font family. The condensed fonts are slightly squared off with careful effort employed to keep the style squarely in the nineteenth-century—more like a typical condensed newspaper headline type than a twentieth-century superellipitcal like Eurostile or Univers. The extra-condensed “squeeze” fonts are completely flat-sided, not unlike old wooden poster types or extremely tight metal newspaper headline fonts

: Mar 16, 2019


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