Fragua Pro Font Family

Fragua Pro Font FamilyFragua Pro Font FamilyFragua Pro Font FamilyFragua Pro Font Family

About this font family

Fragua Pro is a family of 14 fonts (Latin Extended-A and the Cyrillic alphabet) Condensed Sans Serif of geometric construction inspired by the Russian constructivism of the mid-20th century; the typography has a rounded finish in all corners to avoid the coldness of the rectilinear fonts and providing warmth and docility, the ascending and descending short and a high height of the x make it very compact, all this results in a unique typeface with maximum readability due to the careful configuration of metrics and Kerning.

The cursive styles have an inclination of 8 degrees and a narrower proportion than the regular ones, they also have their own letters and meticulous optical corrections to compensate for the deformations produced by the inclination.

: Nov 16, 2018


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