Flawless Flygirl PB Font

Flawless Flygirl PB FontFlawless Flygirl PB FontFlawless Flygirl PB FontFlawless Flygirl PB Font

About this font family

Flawless Flygirl is a quirky sans-serif font inspired by the titling sequence from the 1964 film, “The World of Henry Orient”. Fun and full of personality, it is one of those lettering styles that was a joy to flesh out and make into a typeface filled with double letter ligature alternates to keep the typesetting weird and wonderful.

With a pseudo unicase character set, and offbeat letter weighting, Flawless Flygirl is fun to typeset, with ligature combinations that are pleasant surprises. You’ll find this Flawless Flygirl is ready to dance to the beat of your designs.

: Apr 1, 2019