Excited Alphabets

Excited AlphabetsExcited AlphabetsExcited Alphabets

Excited-Alphabets is a family of lowercase display fonts. The letterform is sans-serif with a few appendages to give the letters a life-like and cheerful form. Also, each alphabet has two poses which can be chosen individually from the capital glyphs menu to get a unique look.

Its dynamic or ‘dancing’ look makes it perfect for (short) editorial headlines, celebratory lines, fun branding, social media posts, website headers, posters, ads, products, stationery designs and more.

Excited alphabets was born in Frankfurt when two ‘almost-neighbours’ met at a coffee shop. Inspired by the illustration of Sumbo Pinheiro, Excited was designed by Harald Geisler and Sumbo Pinheiro. From quirky illustration to font, this was a fun project to work on because each alphabet comes with its own sassy character.

: Oct 9, 2018


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