Edgethorn Font

Edgethorn FontEdgethorn FontEdgethorn FontEdgethorn is a beautiful, italic-only transitional serif typeface that was born after I became obsessed with a few small paragraphs of italic text on a type specimen broadside from 1785.

Working on this type revival allowed me to delve much more deeply than I ever have before into type history and typeface classification, and I’ve included some type history for you with your download so that you can play around with the smattering of historical characters I included (like the medial s).

Although it is based on centuries-old typefaces, Edgethorn is elegant, timeless, and perfect for 21st century projects.

Edgethorn includes approximately 525 glyphs — including 64 standard and discretionary ligatures and a handful of contextual alternates and character variants — and supports over 200 languages.

The OpenType features can be very easily accessed by using OpenType-savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

: Nov 24, 2022