Duepuntozero Font Family

Duepuntozero Font FamilyDuepuntozero Font FamilyDuepuntozero Font Family

Created as a logo typeface in 2004 by Francesco Canovaro, Duepuntozero is one of Zetafonts classic typefaces. A monolinear sans serif typeface with rounded corners and condensed proportions, strictly based on modular geometric design, it was at first designed in five weights to be used as a condensed companion typeface to the rounded display family Arista. In 2019 the family was completely redesigned by the Zetafonts Team, expanding the original character set to include cyrillic and greek glyphs and adding four extra weights and italics to the original weight range. This restored and revamped version, named Duepuntozero Pro, also includes full Open Type features for positional figures, fractions and Small Caps.

: Aug 2, 2019


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