DT Dragon Quill Font Family

DT Dragon Quill Font FamilyDT Dragon Quill Font FamilyDT Dragon Quill Font FamilyThe Dragon Quill family is the 3rd reincarnation of earlier (yet to be released) dragon fonts.

A simple ‘Dragon Round’ grew to become ‘Dragon Flare’, then evolved to become ‘Dragon Quill’.

Within the Dragon Quill family, 1 ‘Subtle Goth’ is the most basic, followed by 2 ‘Goth’ and 3 ‘Gothic’.

4 ‘Tribal Tattoo’ is the most complex font in the family, adding hooks, spikes, holes and extra shapes around and between letters.

Because of the complexity of level 4 ‘Tribal Tattoo’, occasionally inserting letters into existing text may cause some unusual effects between the letters. If you find this distracting, a workaround can be to convert it into one of the other fonts (like Subtle Goth), while editing, then to turn it back into ‘Tribal Tattoo’ when finished.

: Mar 6, 2023