Douglass Pen Font

Douglass Pen FontDouglass Pen FontDouglass Pen Font


Frederick Douglass was born in a slave shack in Talbot County, Maryland, in either 1817 (the date he guessed) or 1818 (a date settled on later by historians). He went on to become a distinquished 19th century statesman, orator, and abolitionist leader known for his inspiring speeches and writings in support of social justice. Douglass happened also to have fine penmanship: he wrote swiftly and boldly in a handsome, somewhat condensed cursive. Douglass Pen is modeled chiefly after one of his written speeches recounting John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia, in 1859. It comes with more than 800 glyphs, including scores of ligatures, lining and old-style figures, cross-outs, swashes, inkblots, and support for Central/Eastern European languages.

: Jun 18, 2019


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