Dossier Font

Dossier FontDossier FontDossier Font

Dossier is a monospaced serif face that originates in Dwiggins�s designs for typewriter. It has a soft and casual personality and comes in 8 weights and matching italics, making it ideal for text typography, package and advertisement design.

Dossier is an adaptation of William Addison Dwiggins�s unfinished typewriter faces. He worked with multiple typewriter manufactures including Underwood, Remington Rand, and IBM, but none of them were finished. He left a number of intriguing drawings which are now kept at the Boston Public Library. You could see in the drawings that Dwiggins was also interested in exploring designs of varied width.

Toshi Omagari decided to combine these materials to make a cohesive family: the upright was taken from a drawing of monospaced lowercase for an unknown client, and the italic was from the work he did for Underwood which he called �Aldine�. Toshi added narrower and wider alternates in the same way Dwiggins devised.

: Jun 21, 2021