Donovan Display Font Family

Donovan Display Font FamilyDonovan Display Font FamilyDonovan Display Font FamilyMeet Donovan Display! She’s a lovely, high-contrast Didone with lots of options. Do you like sweeping flourishes at the end of your strokes? She’s got ’em! Prefer juicy ball terminals? She’s got ’em! Like a simpler, cleaner terminal? She’s got those, too! She also has a set of grand swash capitals and a trunkful of ligatures that will add panache and elegance to any project that requires display-size type.

Even better, she comes in two widths: Slim, for standard display use, and Skinny, a compressed version for spaces that require a bit of a squeeze and/or a more (traditionally) masculine feel!

Donovan’s lines are inspired by classic Didone faces — most notably the work of Firmin Didot (for architectural detail) and Giambattista Bodoni (for the look of the skinny version). She’s sexy and stylish and she’ll give you exactly the fashionable, elegant look you’re after.

: Jul 18, 2022