Directa Serif Variable Font Family

Directa Serif Variable Font FamilyDirecta Serif Variable Font FamilyDirecta Serif Variable Font FamilyDirecta Serif Variable is a text type family in one single font file. It explores new possibilities for the original type family released by Outras Fontes some years earlier, which is designed to save space with the highest readability.

The variable font is composed of two axes of variation: Weight (100–900) and Italic (0–1). It also contains 18 predefined styles between Thin and Heavy and their respective italics. So now you can adjust the weight of the type by interpolating it in real time using any variable font compatible app. There are hundreds of possibilities between the values of 100 (Thin) and 900 (Heavy). And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also use the Italic axis to interpolate instances between Roman (0) and Italic (1) and see what happens in the middle.

This new technology can be very useful for web and video animations. Directa Serif Variable is also highly recommended for newspapers, magazines, corporate communication and so on. It has a large set of characters, including Western, Central European, Baltic, Scandinavian, Icelandic, Romanian and Turkish unicode ranges. The variable font also includes several ligatures, a complete set of small caps, sets of lining, old style and tabular figures, as well as fractions, superior and inferior numbers. These features can be easily accessed using any OpenType-compatible software.

: Mar 20, 2023