Danah Script Font

Danah  Script FontDanah  Script FontDanah  Script FontDanah  Script Font


“Danah” is the first name of a very close and cherished classmate, friend, and peer. Danah is a Palestinian woman who used to study with me in the same university where I was honorably introduced to her several years ago. In fact, I decided to dedicate this typeface wholly to her in return for all the years of friendship that we had spent together as classmates during the late 1990s. She was—and absolutely still—a source of support and inspiration for me in life due to her brilliant, big-hearted, and philanthropic personality. Danah likes different things in life and among them the sea, horses, reading, and also travelling. She lives and works now in Palestine, and yearns for being granted a new life—like many other free Palestinians—full of freedom, peace, and happyness.

: Sep 14, 2018



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