Cybermontage Font

Cybermontage FontCybermontage FontCybermontage FontCybermontage FontCybermontage Font

About this font family

Cybermontage is a postmodern display typeface reminiscent of a particularly rad 1980’s/1990’s typographic trend. This anything-but-boring design trend employed campy colors, clean geometric shapes, torn paper edges, faux finishes and kitschy patterns. A common tactic was to scramble glyphs from various typefaces, especially art deco, nineteenth-century grotesques, old metal headliners and minimalist geometric designs. Cybermontage uses OpenType technology to automatically shuffle several variations to create a pseudorandomized effect. If your application doesn’t support OpenType, you can access all these character variations from the Unicode Private Use Area, also known as PUA encoding.

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