Chopic Font

Chopic FontChopic FontChopic FontThe CHOPIC Comic Typeface is inspired by the style of letters in comics that have less serious and fun characters. The lettering of CHOPIC Comic Typeface is a sans serif with display font characters which gives a fun and design impression for retro pop art. The CHOPIC Comic Typeface has 2 style font regular and brushed style and has 2 characters solid and 3D. The CHOPIC Comic Typeface is perfect for creating designs with non-serious concepts, designs for children, book headers, and of course for text on comics.

The CHOPIC Comic Typeface also gets a bonus character of 230 Comic-themed illustrations that make creating designs even easier. Simply by downloading The CHOPIC Comic Typeface creating a Comic and non formal themed design is very quick and easy.

The CHOPIC Comic Typeface is perfect for magazine cover designs, brochures, flyers. Instagram ads, Canva Design and so on with comic, non-serious, pop art, game mobile and fun design. Besides that this font is very easy to use both in design and non-design programs because everything changes and glyphs are supported by Unicode (PUA).

The CHOPIC Comic Typeface contains 565 + 230 bonus glyphs with many unique and interesting alternative options.

: Nov 14, 2022