Chevalon Font

Chevalon FontChevalon FontChevalon FontChevalon is a versatile serif font consisting of 7 styles. Inspired by medieval roman letter, the Chevalon is like a glorious horse that has a strong yet elegant appearance. Each Chevalon letter is carefully crafted.

Chevalon fonts can help you complete various projects such as luxury brand logos, journals, business cards, headlines, products, social media posts, web and much more. If you are involved in a project that requires strong, elegant and professional writing, Chevalon font is perfect to help you get it done.

Chevalon fonts feature opentype, kerning, ligature and alternative style packed in 7 styles: ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, and ExtraBold. Chevalon fonts include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numeral, punctuation and multilingual support.

: Nov 10, 2022