Casagrande Font

Casagrande FontCasagrande FontCasagrande FontCasagrande Collection has been designed in 2020 by the Italiantype Team (Manuel Alvaro, Valentino Coppi and Mario De Libero), working in close collaboration with Italian lettering artist, illustrator and calligrapher Alberto Casagrande, with help from the Zetafonts Team (Francesco Canovaro, Andrea Tartarelli and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini).

The goal of the project was to use as inspiration Alberto’s colorful, vintage themed digital illustration style to develop a suite of closely related typefaces that, used together, would allow designers to replicate the nostalgic charme of Italian poster and product design from the thirties and the forties. Two color overprints, coarse dithering, handmade calligraphy, reminiscences of art deco, hints of modernism and pop culture references: all this and more mixed in a exuberant and playful collection, created with illustrators, poster artists and book cover designers in mind.

: Jul 13, 2020


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