Calafati Soft Font Family

Calafati Soft Font FamilyCalafati Soft Font FamilyCalafati Soft Font FamilyBasilio Calafati (1800–1878) worked as a magician under the name of Salamucci in the Wiener Prater. Later he obtained the license for a roundabout and other amusement facilities in the Wiener Prater.

Calafati typeface family is characterised by little contrast and strong emphasis on the horizontals. It is a robust font that has many applications. Its character shapes are simple and relatively unembellished. With regard to metrics and proportions it combines perfectly with the Wien Pro and the Liebelei Pro.

Calafati is available in weights light, regular, medium, bold and black.

In 2022, Calafati received a major update.

The recent family, Calafati Soft, is an 100% offspring of sharp-edged Original Calafati.

: Nov 28, 2022