Cairlinn | Vintage Font

Cairlinn | Vintage FontCairlinn | Vintage FontCairlinn | Vintage Font

New year, new font. Let us introduce our first font on 2019; Cairlinn. A clean serif that are forged with spirit of vintage typography. Heavily inspired by the old letters that are used in classic advertisements. This 300+ glyphs monster is packed with wide variation of letters, accessible via OpenType features.

If you’re a fan of vintage/classic typography (like me), this font is a precious addition to your design arsenal. Suits best for any project that requires a vintage touch, such as: labels, t-shirt design, typographic quotes, packaging, wedding invitations, and many more. So what are you waiting for, go get this monster and start a rrriiiiiooott! XD

: Jan 30, 2019


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