CA Saygon Font Family – 3 Fonts

CA Saygon Font Family - 3 FontsCA Saygon Font Family - 3 FontsCA Saygon Font Family - 3 Fonts

CA Saygon was originally conceived for a large corporate design project, but as this was never implemented, the way was free to make a public font. As a striking corporate typeface, it transports the fractions of a society after the post-modernist phase. After hundreds of sketches a bunch full of letters were selected, some of them quite twisted, others rather conventional. The combination of these letters reflects a rebellion of individuality but also leads to a coherent typeface. Additionally there are alternative letterforms in the Stylistic Sets or in the glyphs palette, which keeps the font always exciting to the designer.

Thanks to the Cyrillic and Latin Extended character sets, a huge language area is covered that even extends to Vietnam! Numerous OpenType features make life easier for the professional typographer: There are fractions, superscript and subscript numbers, as well as proportional and tabular numbers.

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