Brown Hunter Font

Brown Hunter Inspired by the design style of the 1830s, the elegant Victorian style design is full of charming sharp curves. Designs with a classic Victorian style from the cruel era, people always use it for redesigning needs or creating new designs.

The Brown Hunter typeface is designed in an elegant Victorian style which contains many font characters which when combined will make an attractive design and of course very cool. Included in the download package are:

Brown Hunter Vic, which is a classic Victorian serif style and contains swash and alternatives, there are two types of Brown Hunter Vic, the standard one and the hold one, which contains ornaments on the inside of the body.
Brown Hunter Script is an elegant street writing style made with spontaneous and sharp brush strokes giving a bold impression.
Brown Hunter Dis is a Serif display style font that is intended for subtitles in designs, besides this font has 13 families from thin to heavy.
Brown Hunter Black is a font with a charming black letter style and is still comfortable to read when used for body text in a classic Victorian style. This font also has 13 families from thin to heavy so it can be used for headers or body text.
Brown Hunter Ornament is a font made with a unique orament shape in the classic Victorian style, besides that there are also border frames, animal vectors, silhouette logos, flowers and many more.
With 4 styles and 30 different fonts, the Brown Hunter typeface when combined will create a cool design and a Victorian concept. By collecting Brown Hunter Typeface you can easily create classic, Victorian and elegant themed designs. Brown Hunter is perfect for designing vodka labels, beer, pomade, logo tattoos, book covers, t-shirts and so on.

: Jul 8, 2022