Bluu Suuperstar Font Family

Bluu Suuperstar is a brutalist serif typeface featuring very prominent triangular-wedges for serifs and terminals. In certain places, strokes have been “broken,” like in the upright fonts’ lowercase “a,” “g,” and alternate “r.” Any oddities within the design are still firmly within the canon of serif typography, including the crazy gamma-shaped alternate “r.” Bluu Suuperstar does not alter the expected rhythm of a Garalde-style typeface. The family’s lighter fonts are optimised to support long passages of text in applications intended to encourage immersive reading. The heavier styles are best used in large display sizes. Despite the initial appearance of some of its letterforms, Bluu Suuperstar is a masterful variation on the Garalde-style serif typeface theme. Even though that style of letter is a well that designers repeatedly turn to for inspiration, Bluu Suuperstar proves that not all of the results need look the same.

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