Bathorie Font

Bathorie Font: Where Industrial Precision Meets Brutalist Edge

Step into a world where typography meets structure, where every letter echoes the precision of industrial design and the raw, unapologetic strength of brutalist architecture. Bathorie, our latest creation, is not just a typeface; it’s an experience—a journey into the bold and unyielding.

Bathorie’s foundation lies in its rigid octagonal shape, meticulously crafted with 45-degree cuts that demand attention. Each letter is a testament to the precision found in industrial settings, translating into a typeface that stands tall in the realm of design.

The geometric harmony of Bathorie brings a touch of elegance to its robust form. Inspired by the clean lines and balanced proportions of brutalist architecture, this typeface transcends the ordinary, making a statement that resonates in the modern design landscape.

: Nov 20, 2023