Bakeshop Font Family

Bakeshop Font FamilyBakeshop Font FamilyBakeshop Font FamilyBakeshop Font Family

About this font family

Bakeshop is a casual script font family. It is drawn with rounded marker so the contrast is quite low. It has bumps at the end of strokes where the pen has stopped and the ink has spread. Bakeshop includes three weights and has both connecting and non-connecting versions.

Connecting Bakeshop versions has OpenType features like Final Forms, looping connections with lowercase e, high connecting stroke with ascenders and plenty of discretionary ligatures. You can enable Final Forms either enabling Final Form feature or Contextual Alternates. If you want to use the high connection strokes with ascenders enable Stylistic Alternates or Stylistic Set 2. And if you like to use the ligatures just enable Discretionary Ligatures feature.

: Nov 8, 2018


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