Axalp Grotesk Variable Font

Axalp Grotesk Variable FontAxalp Grotesk Variable FontAxalp Grotesk Variable FontAxalp Grotesk™ is a post-Swiss-Style modernist sans serif type family characterized by the play between elegant rounded shapes and sharp angular details. It is minimal, legible, well balanced and charismatic. Its heavy weights deliver powerful yet friendly impact. Thin ones emanate elegance, fine lines and precision. The family has very versatile proportions and generous x-height allowing a successful use for user interfaces, all sorts of display and branding scenarios, as well as a paragraph text typeface.

Contemporary minimalistic approach makes Axalp Grotesk an outstanding design tool for creating modern visual identities and user interfaces. A truly universal sans serif family where beautiful forms and proportion work together with careful spacing, kerning and hand-hinting.

Axalp Grotesk is an attractive contemporary alternative to the classics of Swiss Design School such as Akzidenz-Grotesk, Univers and Helvetica. It is bright, crisp, modern and friendly in character, and features an alternative stylistic set for more minimalistic and neutral look, simplifying such characters as “Q”, “J”, “a” and “y”.

The family has extended latin language support, as well as broad number of OpenType features, such as stylistic alternates, case sensitive forms, ligatures, contextual alternates, lining, oldstyle, tabular and circled figures, slashed zero, fractions, superscript and subscript, ordinals, currencies and symbols.

: May 5, 2023