Artusi Font Family

Artusi Font FamilyArtusi Font FamilyArtusi Font FamilyPellegrino Artusi was a celebrated Italian food writer, who is credited with the creation of one of the most influential cookbooks in the history of Italian cuisine. Taking inspiration from his legacy, Francesco Canovaro decided to work on a typographic homage to the delicacy and finesse of Italian traditional cuisine.

Aptly named Artusi, the typeface is an enchanting combination of traditional Italian style, contemporary refinement and a playful touch of innovation. It is a transitional serif typeface with both text and display versions, developed on a wide range of seven weights and including a huge range of alternates, OpenType features and ligatures.

Each weight of Artusi works like a different course in a balanced meal. Lighter weights are our starters, with their high contrast between thicks and thins, delicate curves, balanced proportions and subtle spiky serifs. The main course are naturally the regular and bold weights, where traditional Italian old style is enriched with a peppery kick of modern details. For dessert, the heavy weights offer luscious curves, opulent calligraphic swashes and eye-catching details, suitable for packaging and logos.

When it comes to typography, let Pellegrino Artusi’s legacy inspire you. From packaging to web pages, Artusi typeface will bring a feeling of tradition, craft and quality to any project. Because, as Pellegrino would say, “To make a great impression, you have to choose the finest ingredients”… Buon Appetito!

: Mar 3, 2023