Antica Font

Antica FontAntica FontAntica FontAntica has sharp triangular serifs, and in 8 weights with true italics, it forms a family that stylistically finds its origins in Latin styles of the nineteenth century. The font incorporates additional swashes, small caps and stylish alternates that advance the aesthetic from its roots and make it appropriate for modern design.

Commonly named ‘Latin types’ did not vary in weight, but we decided to create Antica with a range that goes from thin to black and we also added extra curlicues to the letterforms. Antica borrows from the versatility and freedom granted to type founders of the nineteenth century – a time when the meteoric growth of mass-produced consumer goods led to an increased demand for publicity that needed fresh, attention grabbing typefaces. And as an homage to these Latin types we designed Antica to function well with an array of projects from stylized labels and formal editorial design requiring small type sizes to large-scale posters and billboards.

The Antica family supports a wide variety of Latin alphabet-based languages.

: Aug 25, 2020


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