Alice Gottardo Font

Serif typeface with Capitals letters and ligatures also complete multilingual glyphs. Alice Gottardo come with Regular style, it will make this typeface can be used in all design projects and works perfectly for pairing with script typeface or handmade fonts, Headlines, Posters, Packaging, T-shirts, Postcards, Invitation, Wedding Sign, Sign Painting, Signboard, and much more.

Although this font is only available in capital letters, all letters will work fine even if you type in lowercase or uppercase format. Likewise with ligatures. All glyphs are well coded so they will work without having to activate the Caps Lock feature on the keyboard.

To get all the ligature letters easily, simply activate the “Standard Ligatures” & “Discretionary Ligature” features in the app you are using.

: Nov 17, 2020


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