Adultometric Pro

Adultometric Pro – Condensed Fashion Stylist Fonts
3 OTF Fonts | Designer: Roger S. Nelsson | Turkish Support

This is the mature version of our previous release Infantometric Pro – The same basic skeleton, but with a more normal x-height. One feature is that no letters (except some accented letters – with cedillas, ogoneks and comma accents)

go below the baseline, so this is one condensed font that is perfect for headlines! 🙂

ALL fonts from CheapProFonts have very extensive language support:
They contain some unusual diacritic letters (some of which are contained in the Latin Extended-B Unicode block) supporting: Cornish, Filipino (Tagalog), Guarani, Luxembourgian, Malagasy, Romanian, Ulithian and Welsh.

Adultometric Pro Light

Adultometric Pro

Adultometric Pro Bold