Wolpe Fanfare Font Family

Wolpe Fanfare Font FamilyWolpe Fanfare Font FamilyWolpe Fanfare Font Family

About this font family

“Fanfare is such a fun typeface,” says Toshi Omagari, who revived the design for The Wolpe Collection. “It was my happiest discovery when I was digging through the Monotype archive. I came across it and had to check the designer’s name.” No wonder: Fanfare is modern, light and playful – not what you’d expect from an 80-year old design.

From the original, very heavy weight design, Omagari started by creating a black weight, followed by four lighter weights for Wolpe Fanfare, preserving the character of the letterforms all the way down to a thin version. “I wanted to do more than digitize the original weight,” he says. “It’s surprisingly modern, and its skeleton, its basic structure, is so beautiful.

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