VLNL Bonen Font

VLNL Bonen FontVLNL Bonen FontVLNL Bonen FontWhile sketching for a music project logo, Donald DBXL Beekman looked at several wood type alphabets as a starting poing. One of these was No.120, patented in 1880 by William Hamilton Page. With its distinct diagonally cut serifs and round shapes cut off at top and bottom, it bore just the right feel for the project. DBXL digitized the alphabet, adding all characters needed for a full set. During this process all shapes were widened, tweaked and streamlined to enhance consistency and rhythm along the whole font.

VLNL Bonen is an all-caps display font with a very specific western cowboy or circus look. For instance burger or barbecue grill restaurants would do well with this one. We can easily see it shine on a festival flyer or poster as well, and not just country & western festivals. VLNL Bonen is suitable for any ‘big’ use that needs to stand out of the crowd.

Bonen is the Dutch word for beans, a world wide source of nutrition and proteins it comes in a multitude of shapes, colours and sizes. Beans are also the most eaten foods in a cowboy’s diet along the trail. Available in abundance and easily preserved and transported, many recipes on the cattle drives in the American Wild West used beans. Think of chili, mashed beans with biscuits and bean soups. “Keep them doggies movin’, cowboy!”

: Sep 15, 2020


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