Royale Italic Font

Royale Italic FontRoyale Italic FontRoyale Italic FontWith Royale, Resistenza reinvented the bifurcated Tuscan genre in a contemporary, warm and playful form.

Now our aim was to complete this decorative family with an italic version of the font.

Rounded terminals, fabulous fancy fun spurs with elegant and extravagant flourishing – Royale italic comes in 8 weights which can also be layered to create polychromatic effects in another nod to the Victorian era these styles were popularised.

While inspired by days gone past this Royale is far from a revival as unlike the classic Tuscans which inspired its structure Royale is monoline and sophisticated in its simplicity. Perfect for display and emphasis, Royale will command attention and leave a memorable impression wherever it is used.

: Sep 28, 2020


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