Quietism Font Family

Quietism Font FamilyQuietism Font FamilyQuietism Font FamilyFor the past few years, I have been looking for a way to slow down the frantic pace of the modern world and gain clarity of mind, and I have found contemplation of the world around me the best way to do this. Only recently have I learned that there is a philosophical movement that describes what I am striving for, called Quietism.

A smooth contemplative Antiqua with aspiring to the sky ascenders, inspired by the Quietism philosophy. Clarity of the mind is achieved by bringing the body into a state of calm and contemplation, and this is reflected in the design – the quiet horizontal serifs (body) are opposed to the peaky soaring ascenders (mind). The design also features four optical size subfamilies with different x-height and contrast, oldstyle diagonal stress, oldstyle figures by default, smooth details and slightly dark texture.

: Nov 11, 2022