Hyper Font Family

Hyper Font FamilyHyper Font FamilyHyper Font Family

Hyper is the ultimate headline font for fruits, veggies, flowers and all the beautiful and healthy things that fill your life with joy and pleasure. Hyper looks best on big size or even more bigger sizes. Therefore Hyper appears in two main fonts for a fine typographic headline customization:


Made for headlines and logos

Hyper Grande

Made for very big titles and words like on poster or big banner. Hyper Grande shows a little more elegance with slightly lowered horizontal lines and curves.

The well-formed letters of Hyper compliment to each other and hold hand in hand like a bowl of fresh pasta.

A special focus is placed on the letter f, which adapts its shape to give the following letter a nice and snuggy hug. Therefore, 62 special f-ligatures were implemented, which are controlled by open-type features.

Hyper brings all the features you need:

: Apr 25, 2019


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